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A Short Story

About Me

I grew up in the Klamath Mountains in a small, remote town in Siskiyou County, CA. I grew up practicing permaculture and working with the cycles of the seasons. Although I didn't know it at the time, it is more than just a term, it is a way of life. I have always been passionate about the natural world and I believe it is up to each one of us to treat the environment the same way we should treat other people, with respect. We are all called to be stewards of this amazing place called Earth, and I love to share that awe and wonder. I am also passionate about educating people and helping them to incorporate permaculture into their lives. I want to help guide and empower people towards implementing permaculture practices into their own lives, and start the incredible journey of working with nature, not against it. To me, permaculture is more than growing your own food, it is a way to connect to places and develop relationships that strengthen connections within the community which help each other grow and flourish. I would love to help you in any way I am able. I would love to help you, whether it is a first step, or the millionth. Let our paths connect. Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation!

Compass Pointing North


Our mission is to help guide people towards taking permaculture principles into their daily lives, and to create a more harmonious relationship with nature and the environment. We believe that by applying permaculture principles, we can create a more sustainable and healthy future.

Home Gardening


To see individuals as well as families live a more sustainable life by growing their own food and cultivating a deeper connection to their home and their land. We would love to see people become self-sufficient and rely less on conventional practices that are not benefiting our health or the health of the environment.  

Home Gardening
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